CEO Dr Saifaldin Zaman Al-Darraji

In the name of God

Generation: Iraq – Baghdad.
Achievement: Ph.D.
Foreign policy and international security researcher.
Languages: Arabic, English
Current Address: Iraq – Baghdad
President of Al Mada Organization for Development and Strategic Studies.
Vice President of Development Institute for Human Resources Development.
Founding member of the Iraqi Development Organization.
Member of the Iraqi Association for Management and Development.
General Supervisor of Noor Al-Huda Institute for the Care of Autism and Mental Disability
Certificate of participation / course of the consultant in the industry of public opinion and campaign management. Germany.
Certificate of participation / session of the conclusion of international conventions and treaties / EU Commission.
Certificate of participation / session of negotiation and crisis and conflict management / Commission of the European Union.
Certificate of Participation / Diplomatic and Public Relations Course / Diplomatic Cultural Institute / Germany.
Certificate of participation / course in crisis and conflict management / London.
Certificate of participation / course of the official spokesman and how to deal with the media / Lebanon.
Participation Certificate / Training Course for Basic Trainers, Ebdaa Center for Training and Human Resource Development / Lebanon.
Certificate of Participation / Development Course in Public Relations / South Korea.
Participation Certificate / International Protocol / Arab Republic of Egypt.

Political Philosophy: An Introduction. Taught from October 2014 to January 2015 by Prof. Dr. Andrea Römmele, Henrik Schober,
And Eva Savinova.
(open education)

The European Union in Global Governance, Taught from May 2015 to July 2015. Introductory course to the study of the European Union as an international actor from the perspective of European and International Law, European Studies and International Relations. Global Governance Program of the European University.

Governance & Policy Advice: How Political Decisions Come to Life Taught from October 2014 to February 2015 by Professor Furio Cerutti.

Certificate of participation / course of political analysis and appreciation of the political situation / Amman / Jordan.
Certificate of participation / course of economic needs, strategy and practice of security / Institute of International Peace for Strategic and International Studies.
Holds a certificate of proficiency in English / Mustansiriya University / Faculty of Languages.
Holds a certificate of competence in the use of electronic calculator / University of Baghdad / Computer Center.
Certificate of participation in the training of young leaders of the Iraqi Institute for the preparation of young leaders.
Certificate of Participation / Strategic Planning Course / Iraqi Center for Creativity and Development.
Certificate of participation / course of human rights law NGO Department / Iraq.
I have many thanks and appreciation books for my participation as a researcher and lecturer in scientific and political conferences.
She has provided many developmental courses for political and youth figures, and has conducted many panel discussions.