About us

Our vision:
Al Mada for Development and Strategic Studies seeks to develop a clear vision and an ambitious vision for our beloved Iraq. This is the first step in our new approach to applying global best practices in building a better future for our country. In order to achieve our hopes and aspirations, we have already begun implementing a number of programs that have contributed and paved the way for the building of this vision.

Our Mission:
In order to contribute to self-development and to encourage a sense of belonging and national unity that have suffered as a result of the difficult circumstances experienced by our people and our people, we seek to achieve our mission based on our vision of building a high-quality, responsible and distinguished Iraqi, Arab and international dialogue. and that is done by:

* Launch initiatives, programs and forums with developmental goals, and proceed to establish Iraqi and international partnerships.

* Care of various knowledge and science, and to deepen interest in future studies, and the optimal utilization of modern technologies.
* Honoring the pioneers, supporting the creators, and sponsoring the talented sons of our dear Iraqna.
* To activate communication with the minds and institutions of Iraqi immigrant, and benefit from their experiences.
* Coordination and communication with individuals and bodies concerned with development and intellectual solidarity, and relevant international and regional development bodies and organizations.
* Communicate with our beloved people, especially victims of terrorist operations, displaced persons and orphans. There is the Noor Al Huda Institute for Autistic Children who have not found suitable government care.

Join us and contribute with us.